For more than a decade, InfoExpress has delivered innovative and cost-effective network and endpoint security solutions. By partnering with our customers, we understand the complex challenges enterprises face and engineer solutions that meet the dynamic requirements of large organizations. From a network and endpoint security perspective, these are some of the challenges that many enterprise organizations are facing.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – End users are increasingly using multiple mobile devices to access the corporate network. In addition, contractors and part-time workers are granted access to the entire network, often times on personally-owned or non-sanctioned machines. While BYOD offers many benefits, the significant risks to the network cannot be overlooked.

Protect and secure the network – To effectively manage a BYOD network and enable a multitude of different user devices onto the network, policies based on specific device accessing specific resources should be implemented. To ensure network security, IT administrators should implement an enforcement-based solution like Network Access Control (NAC). Device profiling and policy management are critical features for BYOD. The right security solution will also require little to no IT overhead or additional agents to manage on a daily basis.

Leveraging existing investments – The BYOD solution should integrate with the existing infrastructure and help secure all ingress points to the network, such as LAN, WLAN and remote access. A forklift approach to the existing network should not be needed to implement BYOD, nor should it lock the enterprise into an infrastructure vendor.

Malware containment - Viruses, Trojans, and other malware attacks can compromise system operation or availability and may impact the network. To help mitigate these risks, endpoints should be audited before they connect to the network to ensure they have up to date Anti-Virus running and they are compliant with the organization’s security policy.

Application control – There are some applications that should be controlled if they are allowed to run while connected to network. The use of P2P applications may result in legal liabilities. In addition, applications like Skype and FaceTime can use up valuable bandwidth.

InfoExpress CGX Increases Network Security in BYOD Environments

CGX provides controls that enforce network access policies, restrict what network resources staff and visitors access based on the device they are using to connect to the network. In addition, it is a next generation device access, mobile deployment, and endpoint monitoring by using patented NAC technology to enhance productivity while improving security.

InfoExpress CGX offers a solution that enables enterprises to:
• Lower risk by seeing what’s on the network, who’s using it, and where they are located.
• Provide staff and guests access to the network through self-registration or sponsored access.
• Allow personal and visitor owned devices to connect to your network, and limit access to critical resources.
• Enable and streamline BYOD to increase productivity without sacrificing control.
• Leverage existing or planned MDM solutions.
• Flag suspicious activity for review and block prohibited activities from one central console.

CGX accommodates both out-of-band and in-line access control by integrating with the existing network infrastructure. CGX supports an agentless approach for simplicity and agent-based for deep inspection. Organizations can use Active Directory, LDAP and RADIUS to provide the authentication and authorize access to resources through policies based on user, device, location, and compliance.

CGX continuously checks for events such as:
• Users sharing devices.
• Username/password being shared among multiple users.
• Users accessing the network at unusual times.
• Flagged devices (such as stolen devices) accessing the network.
• High percentage of devices failing audit indicating a systemic system compromise.
• Monitor device access to stop undesirable activities. CGX alerts administrators and stops risky behavior before it becomes a problem.

InfoExpress CGX provides a solid foundation toward a more secure network and a secure BYOD strategy. Most enterprises operate with limited budgets and resources but still need to deliver a quality solution to their users. Any security solution that is implemented needs to be easy to deploy and manage. CGX offers the lowest total cost of ownership for delivering secure BYOD and NAC in the industry.

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