CyberGatekeeper Benefits

Benefits of CyberGatekeeper Server

The CyberGatekeeper Server appliance only lets devices access the LAN and WLAN if they comply with policies. With centralized policy updates and a variety of NAC techniques, CyberGatekeeper makes it straightforward for administrators to manage and deploy network access control.

CyberGatekeeper Server is part of the CyberGatekeeper family, which provides comprehensive network access control for the corporate network, remote users, and endpoint systems.

Key Features and Benefits



Full NAC solution Only allows authorized users and endpoints to access the network. Controls guest access, performs automatic remediation, and checks OS and endpoint configuration and updates. Supports multiple NAC methods for WLAN, LAN, remote access, and SSL VPNs.
Access Control
Controls network access by filtering traffic in-line. When using the bridge in-line enforcement for remote access VPNs, CyberGatekeeper is situated between the remote access VPN and the corporate network.
Access Control
Controls network access by using switches that support 802.1x authentication and VLAN assignment. When using 802.1x EAP enforcement, CyberGatekeeper forwards the 802.1x EAP traffic between the switch and RADIUS EAP server.
Dynamic NAC
Access Control
Controls network access by turning ordinary PCs into enforcers. Enforcers on each network control access for wired and wireless LANs. DNAC requires no network changes or equipment upgrades. DNAC is compatible with managed switches, unmanaged switches, and hubs. DNAC is easy to scale, cost effective, and simple to deploy and maintain.
SSL VPN Enforcement Controls network access over SSL VPNs by interfacing to the SSL VPN client or server. Most SSL VPNs are supported, including F5, Juniper, Aventail, and Nortel.
Central Policy Management Administrators use a central policy manager to develop, deploy and manage policies. The policy manager lets administrators use the included tests, or customize tests to meet specific requirements.
Continuous Monitoring and Enforcement CyberGatekeeper monitors continuously, ensuring devices remain compliant at all times. Devices that become non-compliant are immediately quarantined.

Automatic and Manual Remediation

Non-compliant devices are quickly repaired through automated and interactive remediation options. These options can display messages or install updates to repair the system.
Guest Support Dynamic agents can be run from Firefox or Internet Explorer, allowing guests to access the network.