CyberGatekeeper - How it Works

How CyberGatekeeper Server Works

Endpoints with agents participate in audits with CyberGatekeeper Server. The server checks for compliance against security policies and uses that that information to create reports and control access to the network. If a network device does not have an agent, it can be white listed.

CyberGatekeeper Server supports different network access control methods to restrict access. The appropriate access control mechanism depends on the organization's requirements and infrastructure. Network Access Control methods include 802.1x, in-line, interfaces to most SSL VPNs, and InfoExpress's Dynamic NAC which requires no network changes.

If a rogue or non-compliant device is detected, CyberGatekeeper blocks network access. If an unhealthy PC is detected, CyberGatekeeper can automatically remediate the device or walk the user through the remediation process.