CyberGatekeeper Remote

CyberGatekeeper Remote Overview

Remote users and mobile devices have increasingly connected to the network from remote locations using VPNs. Performing just authentication does not heop ensure the remote devices are safe and up to date.

Remote systems are partially managed by users themselves. Over time, these systems will exhibit a disparity between desired and actual configurations. Outdated antivirus software and operating systems can result in systems with vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

CyberGatekeeper Remote: The Solution

CyberGatekeeper Remote sits between the remote access point and the corporate network. It audits all networked systems continuously for policy compliance. Unqualified systems attempting to access the network are automatically blocked and redirected for remediation.

CyberGatekeeper Remote can detect mobile and fixed endpoint. CyberGatekeeper Remote has the following attributes:

  • Achieves comprehensive policy compliance
  • Assists in antivirus and software updates
  • Continuously audits networked systems
  • Is fully scalable
  • Supports centralized management and custom tests
  • Allows efficient remediation

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