Dynamic NAC

Dynamic NAC Overview

Dynamic NAC is the Network Access Control solution that requires ZERO network changes, making it many times easier and faster to deploy than traditional NAC solutions. Dynamic NAC offers centralized management, flexible policies, granular quarantining and monitoring, and remediation of unhealthy systems.

Despite the extensive capabilities provided, Dynamic NAC can install in hours. Without the need to change the network or update network devices, Dynamic NAC has no hidden infrastructure costs and continously checks all devices on the network.

Dynamic NAC hardens the existing network by making some of the PCs enforcers, that monitor and control access to the network. Enforcers report and quarantine unauthorized devices, like rogue endpoints and unhealthy PCs. The unhealthy PCs can rejoin the network after automatic or manual remediation brings them into compliance.

Dynamic NAC is available as server software for Windows or part of the CyberGatekeeper Server appliance.

Dynamic NAC for Windows

The Dynamic NAC for Windows software installs on a Windows server. With Dynamic NAC for Windows, you can begin monitoring your network and add network access control in less than an hour. Key features include:

  • Windows domain authentication
  • Identification of all network devices
  • Quarantining of unauthorized devices
  • Automatic and interactive remediation
  • Continuous endpoint monitoring and access control
  • Centralized policy updates and reporting
  • CyberGatekeeper Server

The CyberGatekeeper Server appliance includes Dynamic NAC and other access control methods such as 802.1x, bridge filtering, and SSL VPN.