InfoExpress CGX provides next generation device access, mobile deployment and endpoint monitoring by using network access control technology to enhance productivity while improving security. The CGX platform hosts NAC applications that streamline and secure BYOD and MDM deployments, guest networking, posture compliance, and prevent of access policy abuse.

The CGX will provide you with the ability to:

  • Know and track every device on your network
  • Allow guests devices to connect to your network, but not your critical resources
  • Control what access employees get when they bring their own devices
  • Ensure compliance and control access of your corporate devices
  • Leverage existing or planned MDM solutions
  • Take action both when devices connect and when the admin makes changes

Infrastructure Integration
CGX accommodates both out-of-band and in-line access control by integrating with the existing network infrastructure. Robust interfaces to prominent network vendor equipment leverage the built-in traffic filtering capabilities of wired and wireless networks as well as VPNs.
In addition organizations can use Active Directory, LDAP and RADIUS to provide the authentication and authorize access to resources through policies based on user, device, location, compliance and many more.

Policy Management
The policy management system enables administrators to easily create and manage policies. Rules can be added to track devices and their users, react to monitored activities, generate alerts on security incidents, and provide selective access to the network. By automating these processes in real time, administrators can save time while improving network security.