MDM Connector

Many organizations are looking to mobile device management (MDM) systems to provide administrative and configuration control over mobile devices. These systems provide a means of gathering information and enforcing policies on mobile endpoints, such as iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry, Android smartphones and tablets, etc.

MDM in the enterprise
MDM solutions require endpoints to be "registered" and provide control over configuration parameters such as network connection settings, email settings, security settings such as passwords, ability to lock and wipe remote devices, and more. Often, an MDM agent app is required or functionality is built into the device's operating system directly. This solution is ideal for devices owned by the organization which has full control over the end device.

In many cases, however, an MDM solution does not stop unregistered devices from accessing the organization's network infrastructure. This is where CGX can leverage the information gathered in its own policies.

CGX MDM Connector
The MDM Connector links the CGX solution to third party MDM solutions. This connection lets administrators use MDM device information in NAC policies and provides additional value to both systems. This integration achieves the following:

  • Connects to popular MDM platforms such as MobileIron
  • Provides visibility of MDM-managed devices in the NAC solution
  • Uses information collected through MDM in CGX policies
  • Can automatically or manually configure devices through the MDM server

The MDM connector is a bi-directional communication channel between the CGX system and the MDM system. It allows administrators to incorporate information collected from devices into CGX policies. For example, a CGX policy may state that only devices with proper password settings will be allowed access to the infrastructure.

The MDM connector also includes the ability to send configuration commands back to the MDM system. Specific actions may be configured to perform actions on the end device based on conditions set in the CGX policy.

MDM data used in CGX policies

  • Operating system and version
  • Type of device
  • Installed applications and versions
  • Security settings on the device (passwords, etc.)

Managing the Mobile Device

  • Device registration
  • Locking or unlocking the device
  • Wiping device data

By exchanging information between both systems, the administrator can increase the control and security of the network infrastructure and add value to the overall solution:

- Reduce cost and overhead by not requiring a separate agent app on mobile devices
- Enable more flexible access policies with information gathered from MDM systems
- Increase the value of both systems