Guest Access

Providing visitors with internet access is a common service for organizations. Sometimes granting access individually is appropriate, such as for a small, on-site meeting. At events with many visitors like conferences and training sessions, group registration may be more efficient .

Guest Access Considerations
Different types of guest access may be required depending on the situation. A consultant may need access for a longer period of time. A student may require access to additional resources beyond the internet. Other considerations include the location and time that access is available.

Many organizations may also want to collect specific information such as a phone number or email from guest users and retain these records for audit purposes.

Minimizing IT involvement
To reduce ongoing IT involvement, sponsors can be given the ability to register visitors. Sponsors can be receptionists, trainers, staff or anyone else who needs to grant limited access to guests. Sponsors should be given the appropriate guest registration capabilities to match their needs. For example, a receptionist may be limited to granting internet access, whereas a trainer may grant access to a portion of the intranet as well for their students.

Sometimes self-registration is desirable and does not require individual sponsor involvement. However, even a self-registration procedure normally requires limiting access to people on the premises.

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