Policy Enforcement

Going Beyond Just Compliance
At InfoExpress, we go beyond compliance to provide a total security and policy enforcement solution. Monitoring and enforcing devices for compliance against an established policy has been a vital component of NAC solutions since their inception. Immediate action when compliance is compromised is an essential element of the solution.

CGX blocks unapproved network access and monitors device access for suspicious activities based not only on device posture, but also on overall authentication, and the discovery and compliance systems, and takes action when needed. When an event is detected, CGX can perform actions such as notifying administrators through email or SMS or initiate automated commands to restrict the device.

CGX continuously checks for events such as:

  • Users sharing devices
  • Username/password being shared among multiple users
  • Users accessing the network at unusual times
  • Flagged devices (such as stolen devices) accessing the network
  • High percentage of devices failing audit indicating a systemic system compromise
  • Many other customizable policies

Learn about CGX policies.