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The InfoExpress CGX solution provides full visibility of all devices on the network, as well as the capability to find current users, location and even installed applications and running processes.

Managed and known devices
A typical network is used by a multitude of users and devices. The majority of these devices are often owned and managed by the organization's IT department, such as:

  • Desktops and workstations
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Networked printers and multi-function devices
  • IP telephony devices
  • Network infrastructure gear such as switches and access points

Unmanaged devices
Unknown devices connecting to the network introduce both security risks as well as a management nightmare. Although several methods of authenticating devices are available for wired and wireless networks, many devices do not support the required protocols or require an excessive administrative overhead to manage. The result is that you cannot be sure of all the devices that are connected. Common unmanaged devices include:

- Employee-owned laptops and tablets
- Smartphones
- Tablets
- Embedded devices, such as gaming consoles and unauthorized access points

Ownership and users
In order to implement and apply access controls, it is critical to establish the ownership of devices and, if possible, the user currently logged on to it. A managed machine can be used by a visitor, or an unmanaged device can be used by an employee. Some devices such as network printers may not have actual users, but ownership of the device must be established in order to determine appropriate access. Each variation must be analyzed and addressed as part of the security controls.

Establishing control through visibility
CGX removes these uncertainties by analyzing multiple data sources to track who and what is on the network. Devices like tablets, phones, laptops, printers, access points and other endpoints are identified in real time. CGX tracks every managed and unmanaged device on the network, regardless of how they got there or how they are configured. Ownership can be automatically established or manually approved.
Information gathered includes:

- Device type and usage profile
- Device OS
- Device directory membership
- Device ownership
- Currently logged-on user, including directory group membership
- Location and time of access
- Compliance information, such as installed and running applications, files, firewall status, connected peripherals, etc.

The web-based reporting shows everything that you need to know, and even lets you reconfigure device connectivity to the network. CGX can alert you via SMS or email if something merits immediate attention, such as detecting a stolen device, or can automatically flag devices for subsequent review. In cases where the device is violating policy, CGX rules can limit access before accessing the network or even after the device has already gained access.

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