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Dedicated VPN and LAN Enforcement

CyberGatekeeper Enforcement

The division between the trusted network and untrusted network has traditionally been a fixed perimeter. This model is inadequate when systems routinely cross untrusted and trusted network borders. An infected system can quickly infect other systems on the network after catching a virus on the Internet. The corporate LAN is especially vulnerable because network resources are more open and prevalent. To remain safe and productive, the network must ensure that all systems are compliant with corporate security policies without impeding workflow.

CyberGatekeeper uses agents with the server to determines whether endpoint compliance with policies, before allowing devices onto the network. 

CyberGatekeeper Remote 

CyberGatekeeper Remote sits between the remote access point and the corporate network. It audits all networked systems continuously for policy compliance. Unqualified systems attempting to access the network are automatically blocked and redirected for remediation. 

CyberGatekeeper Remote can detect mobile and fixed endpoint. CyberGatekeeper Remote has the following attributes:

  • Achieves comprehensive policy compliance

  • Assists in antivirus and software updates

  • Continuously audits networked systems

  • Is fully scalable

  • Supports centralized management and custom tests

  • Allows efficient remediation


CyberGatekeeper Server hardens the existing network by only allowing access to authorized devices and reporting and blocking rogue endpoints. Non-compliant endpoints are quarantined until remediation brings them back into compliance.


The CyberGatekeeper Server appliance supports multiple methods for managing access to the network. NAC methods include:Dynamic NAC enforcement which requires no changes to infrastructure or equipment; 802.1x NAC which uses VLANs; and in-line NAC which uses a bridge to filter traffic in-line.


Capabilities provided by CyberGatekeeper Server include:

  • Authentication using 802.1x or Windows domains

  • Automatic and interactive remediation

  • Continuous validation of endpoint compliance

  • Centralized policy updates and configuration

  • NAC quarantine methods include Dynamic NAC, 802.1x, and in-line filtering

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