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CGX Guest Access

Visitors often need Internet access while on your premises to make the most of their time and yours. However, providing such access needs to be controlled and managed to reduce risk to your organization. In addition, the process of giving limited access should be simple and easy for both the visitor and your IT staff.


The CGX Guest Access application covers all aspects of managing guests by providing a custom captive portal, and registering, approving and providing access to tracking, monitoring and timing out the visitor's account.


The application is highly flexible and can be customized and configured to provide different levels of access and security. Visitors can register themselves, be asked to provide validated information, be required to be approved or have their account created by a sponsor, depending on the need of the organization. We make guest access easier--and safer--for your business.


Highlights of the guest registration module include:

  • Supports self and sponsored registration for configurable time periods

  • Tracks visitors and devices, when and where they connect to the network

  • Obtains custom registration information from guests and sponsors

  • Confirms contact information via SMS or email

  • Revokes access manually or automatically

  • Creates guest accounts based on customizable templates

  • Allows for delegating guest account creation

Guest Policies

Guest information and devices can be managed within CGX NAC policies. Key information managed by CGX includes:

  • Restrict access length and times (work hours/school days)

  • Suspend or resume device access

  • Flag, check and locate stolen devices on the network

  • Ensure malicious applications are not running on devices when connected to the network

  • Ensure devices are not rooted/jail-broken using optional agent

Guest Sponsorship

The CGX Guest Access application allows IT administrators to delegate the ability to create temporary guest accounts to employees. The rights and privileges of the sponsors and visitors are controlled by templates that can be customized for each company and each situation.


Guest templates 
Guest templates define the information gathered from the visitor and determines time and access restrictions. Built-in templates include profiles for visitors, contractors and VIPs. These templates can be modified and additional templates can be added, depending on your needs.

Sponsor templates 
Sponsor templates are applied to employees within the organization who are given the appropriate rights. These privileges are integrated with the organization's directory structure, so that employees do not need to use separate credentials.


The templates restrict the sponsors to what types of guest accounts they can create, i.e., front desk staff can create visitors, whereas department heads can create contractor access and so on.

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