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CGX can perform deep inspections of device postures. Agents can collect extensive amounts of information about the endpoints.

Visibility into the operating system version, platform,and applications, lets admins remediate non-compliant computers through policy actions.


Posture information can be used in CGX policies to perform actions, such as determining access, notifying administrators or performing remediation.

Some of the information that can be collected includes:

  • Operating system and platform

  • Security applications (AV, FW, etc.) enabled and up-to-date

  • Applications and versions on the device

  • Processes running on the device

  • Rooted or jailbroken mobile devices

  • Device configuration settings


CGX ships with an extensive test library, which include tests for AV, Firewall, patches, vulnerabilities, etc. Tests are regularly updated to include latest versions and patches.


CGX Agent is supported on all major platforms:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8

  • Windows Server 2003/2008

  • iOS 3 and higher

  • Mac OS X 5 and higher

  • Android 2.2 and higher

  • Linux

CGX also has an optional dissolvable agent supported on Internet Explorer and FireFox.

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