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Many organizations are looking to mobile device management (MDM) systems to provide administrative and configuration control over mobile devices.


These systems provide a means of gathering information and enforcing policies on mobile endpoints, such as iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry, Android smartphones and tablets, etc.

MDM in the Enterprise

MDM solutions require endpoints to be "registered" and provide control over configuration parameters such as network connection settings, email settings, security settings such as passwords, ability to lock and wipe remote devices, and more.


Often, an MDM agent app is required or functionality is built into the device's operating system directly. This solution is ideal for devices owned by the organization which has full control over the end device.

In many cases, however, an MDM solution does not stop unregistered devices from accessing the organization's network infrastructure. This is where CGX can leverage the information gathered in its own policies.

CGX MDM Connector

The MDM Connector links the CGX solution to external MDM solutions. This connection allows NAC policies to interact with MDM data. 

  • Connects to popular MDM platforms such as MobileIron

  • Provides visibility of MDM-managed devices in the NAC solution

  • Uses information collected through MDM in CGX policies

  • Can automatically or manually configure devices through the MDM server

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