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The BYOD module includes applications to provision BYOD deployments, incorporate BYOD devices into access policies, and onboard device access to the network. Highlights include:

  • Configures secure access for BYOD devices using configuration profiles

  • Authenticates BYOD devices dynamically, if needed

  • Registers and tracks BYOD devices wherever they connect

  • Allows for a manual approval process, if desired


Configuring secure network access for employees is time-consuming for users and demanding on IT staff who must fix problems and answer questions. CGX onboarding automates this process to save you time, money and resources.

  • Allow employees to self-provision personal devices for corporate network access

  • Create configuration profiles for end devices, especially BYOD

  • Create policies to require appropriate authentication and compliance

  • Provide customizable, web-based workflows to configure, register and check devices for compliance

  • Profiles are incorporated into onboarding “flow”

  • Grant different access to employee-owned devices vs. corporate-owned devices


Whether employee-owned devices have agents or are agentless, CGX can check for suspicious behavior and ensure that devices are being used properly. BYOD policies include:

  • Flags, checks and locates stolen devices on the network

  • Assigns appropriate access to BYOD devices based on device type and user

  • Ensures malicious applications are not running on devices when connected to the network

  • Ensures devices are not rooted/jail-broken using optional agent

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