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Enterprise Network Access Control Solution


The CGX server is a VM or appliance that provides a full suite of network access control applications to create a flexible and custom NAC solution. Optionally install agents to provide granular policy compliance and to deploy Dynamic NAC to control access without network changes.

Features include: 

A powerful policy builder and analysis engine 
The flexible policy builder allows you to create custom rule sets using information about the user, directory membership, device, location, time and more. These policies can invoke operations such as flagging devices, sending alerts and restricting access.

Network access control 
Selective network access is provided based on the results of policy rules. In-band enforcement is supported as part of the appliance. Out-of-band enforcement is supported by integrating with the existing wired or wireless network or through our dynamic NAC feature.

Additional applications
Additional applications can be hosted on the CGX server platform. These applications address additional needs, such as registering guests, managing employee devices, enhanced compliance and MDM integration.

Guest Access

Visitors today often need Internet access while on your premises to make the most of their time and yours. However, providing such access needs to be controlled and managed to reduce risk to your organization. In addition, the process of giving limited access should be simple and easy for both the visitor and your IT staff.


The CGX Guest Access application covers all aspects of managing guests by providing a custom captive portal, and registering, approving and providing access to tracking, monitoring and timing out the visitor's account.


The application is highly flexible and can be customized and configured to provide different levels of access and security. Visitors can register themselves, be asked to provide validated information, be required to be approved or have their account created by a sponsor, depending on the need of the organization. We make guest access easier--and safer--for your business.


The BYOD module includes applications to provision BYOD deployments, incorporate BYOD devices into access policies, and onboard device access to the network. Highlights include:

  • Configures secure access for BYOD devices using configuration profiles

  • Authenticates BYOD devices dynamically, if needed

  • Registers and tracks BYOD devices wherever they connect

  • Allows for a manual approval process, if desired

Posture Compliance

CGX can perform deep inspections of devices and assess their posture. Agents can collect extensive amounts of information about the operating system version, platform,and applications, and can remediate non-compliant computers through policy actions. In addition, agents can also authenticate users and devices when connected to "open" (non-authenticating) networks.

MDM Connector

Mobile device management (MDM) systems provide administrative and configuration control over mobile devices. These systems provide a means of gathering information and enforcing policies on mobile devices. 

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